Challenge #03964-J312: Stumbling First Step

A human noble family is holding a big birthday party for all the children of the unwanted peoples. They don't know the actual dates of the birthdays, so twice a year, they hold a celebration for all of them. Because these children are innocents, and the innocent should be celebrated, not mistreated. They ask Wraithvine to please come to help set up entertainments for the party. -- Anon Guest

You are cordially invited, said the ornate script, to the celebrations of the official birthday for Unwelcome Peoples in the Kingdom of Tezowen. There followed co-ordinates to find the place.

Easy enough. So easy that a less trusting person might suspect a trap.

It was not a trap. It was a gigantic festival with a feast, entertainment stalls, and gift-wrapped presents. And a young prince personally attending the party as officiator of proceedings.

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