Challenge #03914-J262: Lots of Fries With That

Several Thranityr invite a near-army of human chefs and their assistants to their homeworlds. They have only one request, teach us how to make foods that will fill a belly fast and help us feel full for a longer period of time. The entire species are surprised at how excited the humans are for the experience. -- Anon Guest

Thranityr were possibly the most infamous Deathworlders known to the Galactic Alliance. Until Humanity introduced them to Unsuitable Food, they were most well-known by the subspecies scourge of intelligent life - the Vorax. Until the Humans intervened, the Thranityr knew only one rule - eat or be eaten.

Humans had perfected the food that the Thranityr needed the best. Food with an abundance of calories, ideal for their furnace-like metabolisms. Now, those Humans were invited with a challenge.

Teach the food they need, and show them how to do it.

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