Challenge #03905-J253: How to Not Die

There’s no such thing as an immortal body, but immortal spirits exist. Those who carry on the lessons and history of the past from one generation to the next can be considered immortal. Immortality isn’t out running death; it’s outlasting it. -- Anon Guest

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What is death, the philosophers asked, when you get down to it? The true and absolute elimination of a person, in its completion. The death of the body, in their eyes, is just the beginning. The end of the bloodline could easily be another. Despite all the arguments regarding various other forms, they all agree on one thing.

A being still lives in one form or another while their name is still spoken.

Elderly Elves pass their names on to favoured relatives who are anticipating the arrival of a new babe. The cult of Life Scribes in Dourmount record important lives from death to birth, and tell them to any willing to listen. Orcs sing songs of their tribemembers.

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