Challenge #03890-J238: Between a Rock and...

A human child hidden in a small cubby made of stone throws fireballs at the powerful wizard and hir friends. The child is calmed, the ones there are not the hunters. When they come out, everyone sees what they're protecting. Skinny, frightened, other children, some wearing chains, who've been on the run far too long. -- Anon Guest

It looked like a small crack between the stones of the pass, with just enough room nearby for a band of travellers to stop for a camp. No travellers usually stopped here. Not any more. All that remained of a once amenable area was a plane of burned and blasted stone and earth. People called it cursed, and tried not to camp there.

People who camped there were never seen again.

Therefore, a casual observer might safely bet that Patience Vylstok was doomed for laying down his pack in the middle of it. He stood tall and calm and announced, "I mean you no harm. I have come to help. I am a follower of Wraithvine the Wanderer. Whatever your need, I can help." He made the sign of two kind hands. "May I help?"

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