Challenge #03888-J236: Actionable Correction

"I noticed there was a lot of loud noises coming from your family's quarters."

"Oh, yeah. I yelled at the kids a bit."

"You shouldn't yell at your children."

"And my children shouldn't roughhouse in the kitchen while I'm using sharp things to prepare ingredients next to an open flame. We're all working on it."

"...ah. I see." -- Anon Guest

It's not merely yelling at children. It's how or when one chooses to raise one's voice. One who yells in fear of their child's safety is completely different to one who yells in unjustified anger at a child's behaviour.

"Aie, Mari, no!" Goodie Ella Harlowe pulled them away from the hearth. "Hot hot, my love."

"P'etty," cooed Mari, pointing at the pops of colour in the flames. Colours caused by random elements in the firewood that Ella had been able to scavenge that day.

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