Challenge #03791-J138: A Foundation of Small Peace

They had powerful magic, able to make pacts with spirits, beasts, and creatures of all kinds. One spell summons a massive dragon. The two develop a steadfast bond that lasts through the ages. -- Anon Guest

Brybanise the Soothsinger began this with the intent of forging a new peace in this strange new plane of existence. The Dragons were a menage and a threat, and wiping them out was a crime against existence. Perhaps worse than killing a unicorn.

She could sing anger out of anything, and the gilded Dragon in this area seemed to be very, very angry. She sang without rest. Without a pause. Willing herself to stay conscious as she approached the gilded Dragon's lair. Staying stoic in the face of the scorched and barren land around the mountain fastness.

It took her days to gain sight of the Dragon they called the Gilded Doom. The Blight, a disease caused by a lack of rest, was beginning to creep over her skin, but she still did not stop. Not even when the Dragon came to roost right in front of her.

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