Challenge #03786-J133: The Trust Paradox

Their world had perfected sleep pods for those who were dying of any illness that there was, as of yet, no cure. Usually awakened in a few years once a cure is discovered, they're sent back to their families now cured. My pod.. got lost when a room caved in. Imagine my surprise when these strangers woke me up, almost 500 years later? -- Anon Guest

If one thing can be said about events, then it's this: I am glad that they don't let corporations behave the way they did in my day.

Well. They don't let a lot of corporations behave that way. There's still places called "Greater Deregulation" by the Alliance. Those are full of the kind of people who promise the moon and the stars and then deliver a sticker sheet. If they deliver anything at all.

I made a debatable mistake in trusting a health corporation that promised to cure anything. Including terminal diseases. They had stasis pods for terminal patients. They said they were in geologically stable areas.

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