Challenge #03584-I295: Teaching Good Manners

A child is petting Lilbit and tries walking off with Wraithvine's sweet kitty. They are gently taught to ask permission before touching other people's pets, and to not try to take them. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine was arguing history with someone who drank deeply from the Well-Actually. As one might imagine, Immortals get into a lot of these fights.

"Well, actually, the diaries of Wraithvine are the most common subjects of forgery and are therefore spurious sources of alternate history," droned the fellow whose chin was all neck, and didn't seem to know what grooming tools were for. "I find Bahaelmoss the Bard to be the most reliably consistent telling of all the established histories."

A small voice by Wraithvine's knee said, "Kiggy ca'. Nice nice kiggy ca'." It went almost without notice.

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