Challenge #03578-I289: Creatures of the Night

Yes, we are vampires, that's true, but we do NOT take from the unwilling. No BUTS! Yes I'm aware of our nature, and that we must drink blood. We only take small amounts, enough to survive, and only from WILLING DONORS!

Fortunately, you left them alive. You will IMMEDIATELY treat their injury and we will make restitution. And if you pull this stunt again, I will, PERSONALLY, hand you to the Watch to be stuck in a sun-cage, understand me?? -- Lessons

Some cities never sleep. Some residents of those cities don't sleep either. Not technically. You could call them... dormant... during the daylight hours. Even in a smoke-wreathed warren of streets and hives of buildings like Kluushia, the sun can be painful and even fatal to those... denizens.

It just takes longer when the smoke of so many fires obscures it.

No matter what kind of denizen inhabits a place like this, the birds of a feather flock together. They develop rules. Codes of behaviour. Guidelines to preserve the many, and woe betide the few who break them. Like Venette, who had nearly killed a man in an alley.

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