Challenge #03477-I189: You're Adopted Again

It is my honest opinion, reading your stories, that Amatu and Wraithvine are becoming as close as brothers. Even if they are not by blood, the bond is obviously forming. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Amatu and Wraithvine are vastly different in ages.]

Sometimes realisation creeps up on a mind like a nervous houseguest at a party where they only know a couple of people. Though in this case it isn't awkwardly asking where the bathroom is. In other times, just like now, it hits like a lump of rock falling from the depths of space.

It hit Wraithvine just as ze was making certain Amatu was comfortable. The lad had caught something from a fellow visitor at the last inn, and succumbed on the road.

Having a Wizard as skilled as Wraithvine on the task leads to some interesting perks. Such as ready access to the spell, O'Brien's Pocket Tower[1] where one could access almost anything one needed and, as a bonus, alter the time spent within versus the time spent in the prime material plane. Currently, time inside the dimensionally-transcendent tower was going much faster than outside.

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