Challenge #03475-I187: Conflicting Values

A young magic user has only one special ability. When they sing, they heal those that are sick and / or injured. A powerful ability that, sadly, the greedy tend to covet. Good thing they've gentle friends to help them. -- Anon Guest

Blessed was a blood-red Tiefling. Hir eyes were pitch black, and only someone who knew hir could tell where ze was looking at any given time. Ze had wickedly spiked horns, and cruelly sharp fingers, as well as hooves that left slight scorch marks if ze wasn't paying attention. Ze also had an angelic voice capable of healing anyone who heard hir sing.

Like most people with a large and muscular frame, Blessed was a gentle soul. Soft-spoken and mild-mannered.

And every rich lout with a medical problem wanted to possess hir. They offered gold, they offered gems. They offered the best that the whole world could present. When that failed, they sent armies and mercenaries to kidnap hir. This, as you might understand, was a problem for Blessed's friends.

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