Challenge #03448-I160: Transparency Would be Nice

A Human Adventurer is collecting Kobold eggs, carefully putting them into a lined basket. They are attacked, defending themselves and avoiding harming the eggs. They explain about the danger to the eggs, and continue to gather them to get them to safety. -- Anon Guest

Litefinger had learned well. One being can change the world with two kind hands. Those kind hands had stolen a basket, foraged a lot of wool from the thornbushes, and were now lifting eggs from a Kobold nest.

Litefinger hadn't quite learned all of the lessons of Wraithvine. Such as asking permission or warning the concerned parties.

They spotted her when the number of eggs remaining was down to seventeen. The Kobold guard wasn't that bright, and messed up counting things above twenty. Sometimes, they messed up counting things up to twenty. But seventeen was the crux of it. Now they looked up. Now they noticed the basket on her arm.

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