Challenge #03384-I096: Evening the Scores

They have been "brat" their entire life. Or, when called to with less harsh tones, "brainless". They were intelligent, they tried to be kind, but always the same cruel words. As they wandered the world they met a band a travelers who helped them find a new name, and took the traveler into their arms, helping heal a broken spirit. -- Fighting Fit

There are houses with too many children. Spaces too small for the people occupying them. Nevertheless, those spaces can still contain love. Worse than that are the spaces with too many things and not enough love. In those spaces, where appearances are more important than wellbeing, neglect is an atmosphere. In such places, a kind heart is never seen.

Call her Brat. Her household blood relatives did. Brat Brainless Bringingshametothe Slatemane-Family.

Therefore, it's no surprise that she took what she could get and left at the earliest opportunity. Her first act of stealing from the rich was taking some of the things they prized but rarely looked at from their hiding places. She funded her equipment with their sale. A lifetime of sneaking around and taking things that wouldn't be missed lead her to be an excellent rogue.

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