Challenge #03350-I062: A Work In Progress

Hell is the last place anyone wants to be. I admit I've done a lot of horrible things in my life. In all honesty, I expected this. The Bible pretty much got it down. The Blazing fire, the screams of the damned, the smell of brimstone, and chocolate chip cookie? -- Anon Guest

My name is William, and I have devoted my life to chocolate. The flavours, the artistry, the wonders I could make with it. I may not have been one hundred percent ethical, but it's impossible to be truly virtuous in a world gone rotten.

I did not expect to be sent to hell. Not truly. While I didn't believe I deserved it, I also did not believe I had earned heaven. I had hoped for at least purgatory, or perhaps reincarnation, but I did not think I deserved hell. On top of that came another surprise. A fully-stocked confectioner's kitchen with everything a confectioner-artisan could want.

The fruit was always fresh. The eggs were exactly what I needed of them. The sugar was plentiful and varied. It was as close to heaven as I could want.

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