Challenge #03346-I058: Love is Always Worth it

Ever tried to go anywhere with kids or a mixed group? -- Anon Guest

Oz stopped and looked back for hir beloved spouse. Sure enough, Thairn was fifteen sidus[1] back along the pathway. They were looking with fascination at something that had caught their interest. Again.

Honestly, this was why ze bought them all those jingly jangly body accessories with all the bells. Just so ze could be warned when this happened.

Alas, public spaces and noise filtration capabilities were Oz's Achilles heel. The cessation of Thairn's merry jingling was lost in the general hubbub of Free Market Station[2]. One of the few places where just anyone could sell any random stuff for the best asking price for little to no overhead. An eternal Galactic Car Boot Sale, as Oz once put it.

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