Challenge #03288-I001: Well-Met by Firelight

A young child is lost deep in the forests. The parents were frantically searching, not knowing where their child was. They'd only taken their eyes off the little one for a short time while doing chores on the farm. But, kids wander away quickly. Fortunately, the "monster" found the child, and, soothing them kindly, brought them back to their home, much to the relief of parents who, when they first saw who was carrying their child, were terrified to start with. Now, they thanked the "monster" profusely. As it was late at night, they let the being sleep in their home, and ensured a good meal, so the being could travel safely at first light. -- Anon Guest

Tilal had begun by following a butterfly. After the butterfly had gone out of sight, ze picked flowers for hir parents. By then, ze was thoroughly lost. Tilal had tried to find their way back, but memory was never the strong point of a child not yet three years of age.

The flowers in hir skirt[1] were sad and wilting, but Tilal still wanted to bring them back home and make Mama smile.

But it was dark and scary, and the lights ze tried to follow were only fireflies. Until ze found a light that was not. A campfire! That meant somebody was out here.

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