Challenge #03223-H314: Schoolyard Encounter

Marvins beloved daughter, Vee, is a little older now and is a child that's apprenticing for her magic and her ability to heal using magic is becoming all the more impressive. Thanks to her dad's influence, greed, or ego, has never touched her, and compassion has become the solid core of who she is. Many still seek the youngster's aid, and as she gets older, she's getting more dragon-like in appearance, though retaining her human form, and she lives a happy life with her dad, and everyone else, watching over her. -- Anon Guest

Vee was six, and going to school. There was a very interesting half hour in those school days where anyone magical attempted to hone her abilities to the point where they were actually under control. The wings could slow any fall, especially from a great height. Skinned knees were now only a thing from skipping, then tripping, along Lower Petraine's roads and pathways.

But for every school, even under the influence of Wraithvine, there were bullies. One of them "creatively borrowed" their parent's holy symbol and managed to cast Insect Plague. It was all derogatory laughter until Vee activated her poison breath, slaughtering the vermin.

Parents and guardians were summoned. A reckoning was bound to be had. Both Vee and the ringleader of the bullies - Sakarin Bane - were sulking in opposite time-out chairs. Glaring molten death at each other.

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