Challenge #03049-H126: To Find a Good Teacher

They worked hard to find out who this person was. The one who could not be harmed, the one who never needed a weapon, they WERE a weapon. And once the person was found, the seeker, and their siblings, went to them and said, politely. "Please, teach us, we wish to be your students." -- Fighting Fit

Fel was a long time in finding hir. The Immortal Master didn't advertise and, in fact, preferred to stay out of public notice. There's something about being notorious as the best martial artist in the known universe that makes idiots want to try and beat them. Therefore, Master Twii tended to be both nomadic, and a lover of going incognito. However, a mighty need fuels inspired desperation. Those desperate enough will do whatever they can to get what they need.

Fel's people were already nomadic, so they knew a nomad's needs. They especially knew how to stay under the radar and avoid notice by keeping to the lower-security accommodations. Eating the less prestigious food. It was entirely possible for one cogniscent being to travel the breadth of known space on little or no money. That said, there were some things a Master like Twii could not live without.

Everyone has their little habits, for peace of mind, for sanity, for indulgence. It didn't matter the reason, only that they were constants in the stream of days. Such as, Master Twii enjoyed quiet contemplation with significant Nae'hyn populations, Jasmine clear tea, and large gardens. That, paired with "incidents" involving bold, brash people with an action-consequence disconnect, pointed out a path of movement, and potential places that Master Twii could move to.

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