Challenge #02822-G265: Comedy vs Offensensitivity

"Although your jokes are funny, please never say them again.” Upon hearing this the person suddenly began to laugh, just like how he began he stop. “Never.” The person formed a cheeky grin “though Jokes usually make people laugh, some don’t. But always have the same principal: leave you different than you first started.” “Jokes are supposed to make you laugh-“ the person wave their finger in front of my face “jokes like that is like eating ice cream: eat too much the taste goes bland and my tongue goes numb”

Got the idea off this: -- Anon Guest

[AN: There's also the philosophy of satire aiming solely at the people who deserve it. If you're kicking someone while they're down, then you're not funny - you're a bully]

Comedy is a funny thing, and that's not meant to be taken literally. Knowing what's funny and where is a vital skill. Telling an accidental joke will get you further than attempting to tell a joke that will not sail in the local area. Consider the exploding outhouse versus the collapsing four-poster and the fish applied vigorously to another's face.

Once you're in the greater hub of the Galactic Alliance, the guarantee of a good laugh is harder to obtain. It takes real skill to be funny without hurting someone. The target should always be the willfully ignorant, those who steal from those who need, and those who refuse to learn.

"I'd never want to try humanitarian debate with a Deregger CEO. Just don't do it. Whatever you think your sins are, this is not the punishment anyone deserves," said Comedian Vresk. If there was any obvious target, it was Dereggers. "It's like there's a conspiracy theory for every occasion. It doesn't matter if they contradict themselves, so long as they're the smartest person in the room."

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