Challenge #02459-F269: Endless Fascination

While assisting the Archivaas, Shayde discovers Dr. Pimple Popper. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Trigger warning for gore and surgery for that entire channel. Go in prepared for disfiguring nastiness on all counts]

It was fairly common to find Shayde entranced in the viewing lounges of the Archivaas video archives. It was not that common to find her there without food or beverages within spill-safe containers. This viewing had her sitting almost immobile and staring intently at the screen.

Rael knew better than to look at what she was watching, as the headphones were a dead give-away that the goings-on she was watching were overloaded with offensensitivity warnings. Nevertheless, he had one question, "What is all of this?"

"Trainwreck hypnosis," she said. "Skin blemishes turned up tae eleven."

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