Challenge #02417-F227: Single White Male, Age Eighteen to Thirty-five

Of the 7 deadly sins, three are responsible for most Murders. I present for your pen, "Greed". -- Anon Guest

There is nothing at all wrong with wanting nice things. Not necessarily the best, mind, but the best is always better than anything less so. I mean, who would rather have a minivan when they could have a porsche or a lamborghini, right? Before you start rolling your eyes at me, I am not one of those spoiled brats who threw a tantrum when they didn't get the right colour of poser-phone, or the right colour car for my quinciƱera. I don't want everything.

I just want more. More control over my life. More money to invest how I see fit. More staff to manage the tedium. More time to enjoy myself. That's not bad is it? We all want those things. There's even a song about it. Time in a Bottle. Of course, I haven't found anyone to spend that time with, so I'll be spending it on me. Not that I'm selfish or anything. I've worked hard to be where I am. I should have nice things.

Of course, there are a select few who see it differently. The old man and his cronies. Some lawmakers who insist on keeping my manifest destiny contained. Some people who don't know when to keep their mouths shut about certain things. Calling my a sociopath and other names. While they don't exactly deserve to die, I have to admit... the world would be so much easier for me if the were just... not there.

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