Challenge #02037-E213: Controversial Topic

Please tell us more about the “almost war” of Dog or not dog! -- Anon Guest

[AN: Callback to this post for those who don't want to crawl through my archives]

Very few Deathworlder animals are so useful and varied that they enter the Galactic scene before the cogniscents they share their homeworld with are welcomed. Even fewer are so varied that assorted cogniscent species are still attempting to define the pattern in which they fit.

Only one has a game that revolves entirely around that concept. They call it, Dog or Not Dog? and it was originally aimed at pre-literate Human children before it invaded Galactic Society like a plague. And like a plague, it came fairly close to decimating the Galactic population, or worse.

The scene: an Ambassadorial Meet in the Grand Conference Arena in Hitizzy. There is talk of breaking the Meet into smaller sub-groups and extending the Meet into months so that all important schedules can be met whilst less time is wasted. As one might expect from such a grand change, there is much in the way of pointless debate. One Ambassador, bored and waiting for the call to vote, has opened up the game for something to do other than knitting. Another Ambassador, just as bored, watches a few rounds.

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