Challenge #01603-D142: Eat Snax

"Fat grubs in butter sauce." this was from a Lizard culture's idea of Snack Food. Humans have popcorn, crisps, peanuts etc. So how about one of those Snack Food van equivalents that caters to various species, and make a good living thereby. -- Knitnan

Eat Snax the sign blared in potentially noxious colours. Underneath, a more staid sign discreetly told the observant that this was a suggestion and not an order. Inside the ludicrously small booth, a popcorn popper was doing its work whilst someone in a cardboard hat was deep frying something. Another nauseatingly loud sign declared that, Unsuitable Food was sold here.

"What d'ye think?" said Shayde.

Of course she'd invest in something like this. The concept of small meals between actual ones was nothing new. Neither was the notion of empty calories. Putting them together in an easy access booth would either explode in unforeseen ways, or become another civilisation-wide hit that would soon get to everywhere. "It's very... 'you'," he allowed.

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