Challenge #01315-C220: Get Lost!

To get really lost you need a GPS without updated maps, or worse with proposed routes entered as functioning. -- Anon Guest

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"Turn left at the fork."

"What?" said Tirla. "This thing is clearly showing a right turn at the fork."

"Turn left at the fork," said the mechanical voice.

"It's still a few hundred SDU's. We can slow down and see which way it goes." Pal re-adjusted his pack and kept walking.

"Turn left. Now."

"Uh. That's a sheer drop," said Tirla. "Like flakk am I taking that turn."

"What happened to the hundreds of SDU's?" pondered Pal.

"Re-routing," said the machine. "Continue straight for four kilometers, and then perform a U turn."

Tirla consulted the screen map. "It's trying to get us to jump off a cliff, still."

Pal swore. "Son of a glitch..." He doffed his pack and dug into the pockets, eventually producing a thick, yellowed volume to page through.

"Seriously?" said Tirla. "I do have a modern satmap with accurate location capabilities."

"That's not the point of what we're doing." Pal finally found the page and compared it to the screen Tirla held. "This is roughing it. This is getting lost and finding our way back. This is... adventure."

Tirla grumbled, "You're lucky I love you, you know that, right?"

"Every morning, noon, and night." His facial screen smirked. "And I found it. We go a few hundred SDU's further that way, and there's a left turn we can use."

"And it'll get us there?"

Flip flip flip flip flip. "Um." Flip flip flip. "Maybe?"

"You're really lucky I love you," Tirla sighed. He rebalanced his own pack and began trudging onwards in grim resignation. The sounds of nature were only slightly marred by a mocking falsetto. "Let's use their old technology to get to the dig. It'll be such fun..."

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