Challenge #00943-B212: 'Straya Mate

Someone runs across this book. And then are told about the fact in the last comment.

“This,” said T’reka a’Nyerrik, “is a book for N’Ozzie children?”

“Yes,” said the helpful Archivaas with a bundle of similar tomes. “N’Oz colonists insisted on bringing their -ah- scientifically interesting native flora and fauna with them from Australia.”

Ah yes. Australia. The only land mass on Earth that almost rated a Level Six on the Deathworlder scale. In fact, N’Oz itself was a Five Point Eight.

“The book itself originates from pre-shattering Australia,” added the Archivaas. “It’s highly useful for newcomers because it shows them what the dangerous things look like. Alas, this book only contains the creatures that a child is most likely to encounter. This volume,” she patted a much, much thicker tome, “contains similar information on all the toxic and dangerous flora and fauna in both Australia and N’Oz.”

T’reka was surprised that it was one volume and not an encyclopedia set. “Are the children expected to defend themselves with the book?”

“Only against the spiders,” chirped the Archivaas. “Are you fond of Dijano’s, Ms a’Nyerrik?”

“This is more startling information on Australia, isn’t it?”

“Many visitors find it fascinating.”

T’reka thought about this and eventually concluded the Train Wreck factor. And then immediately succumbed. “Very well. What startling information have you stowed up your sleeves?”

“In pre-shattering Earth, a British cartoon for children featured an episode that told children that spiders were not to be feared,” said the Archivaas. “The Australian public objected, and the episode was banned.” She leaned forward, obviously expecting T’reka to object.

“I’m guessing the section on spiders in that big book of yours is significant?”

“Spoilsport,” pouted the Archivaas. “And, yes, it is.”

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