Challenge #00932-B201: We Are Magic

Person #1: C'mon!

Person #2: No.

Person #1: Aww. Please?

Person #2: No. There’s no such thing.

Person #1: But you’ll never know if you have magic powers until you try!

Person #2: sigh Fine. Abracada-[Words in a dead tongue, strange lights from nowhere and levitating off the floor]

What Debbie and Angela didn’t know, of course, was that it was all a trick. A light show, mostly. And her limited skills in telekinesis for the levitating objects.

Cassie kept one eye half-open, waiting for someone to throw water on her or nail her with a pillow. No such luck.

Angela somehow got her hands on a knife. She was sobbing, “I’m sorry, Cassie. I’m so sorry.”

Cassie dropped the act in a cold second. “Whoah, whoah, whoah. I was just playing with you. It was a trick. I swear.” She hurriedly invented some mundane explanations for her prank, including sibling intervention.

Thank goodness her own telekinesis skills didn’t allow her to lift herself off the floor, yet. She could explain her rising a few centimeters as standing on her tip-toes.

Mom had been right. Mortals were dangerous playmates. And some tricks must never be shared.

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