Challenge #00737 - B006: Fighting Words

“Veni Ad Me Frat”, Latin for “Come At Me, Bro”.

Shayde sighed as Rael caught her out again. “No? How about ‘non me tracagnum’?”

“Don’t beat me,” said Rael. “How about you stop pulling your Hackmeyer strategies, lay off the BS, and talk like a scientist to these people?”

“It’s hard,” Shayde whined. “I’m too used tae no’ being listened to. Too used tae being dismissed oot a’ hand. Too used tae tha’ jammy bastard takin’ all the credit jus’ fer translatin’. Badly. He’s left 'is mark, the spavined sod.”

Rael was ready for this, he’d done his homework. “Fair enough. Imagine, instead, that you’re giving your presentation to,” he consulted his reference notes, “Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, William Nye and Steven Hawking.”

Shayde glared at him. “Aye, leave the most important one fer last, why don’t ye?”

Odd. He thought he hadn’t. Evidently, more homework was necessary. “And anyone else I may have missed.”

Shayde re-consulted her e-ledger. “I’m goin’ have tae re-write all'a this…”

He breathed out. At last. The point he had been trying to get across for half an hour. But, on the plus side, he was being paid for this.

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