Challenge #00654 - A289: But Why?

Curiosity in humans vs. numidids, how the adults handle it in children

Before the attitudes changed, it went like this:


“Momma? Why is the sky blue?”

“Some say it’s a reflection of the ocean. Some say it’s dust particles. Others sat it’s the air refracting the suns’ light. I think it’s a little of all of the above.”

“Oh. Okay. Can I have a cookie?”

“After dinner.”




“Yes, Tyrtyr?”

“Why are the plants here dangerous?”

“Because the scientists analysed them and told us they are.”

“Yes, but… how did they get that way?”

“We have already forwarded that question to the proper authorities, Tyrtyr,” she lied. “You must wait in faith and patience for the answer. If it exists.”


“The next thing I want to hear from you is, ‘yes, first mother’. Now go learn your homework.”

Sigh. “Yes, Firstmother.”

She watched her chick move into her cote, and then dived for her co-wives. Literally. They were five Leaps below in the markets.

“I think Tyrtyr is in danger of Scientific thought. She persisted in seeking explanations beyond the accepted answers…”

Her co-wives gasped.

“No…” whispered her gene-mother. “I was so careful…”

“Nobody blames you,” said the third wife, who certainly did. “These things happen, sometimes.”

“We must discourage her at once.”

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