Challenge #00638 - A273: Capitalism

It’s like selling people a gold nugget, then a silver nugget with gold covering, then you get a copper one with gold covering, the next version they sell you a iron Nugget with gold paint before selling you a glass marble calling it the ‘next big thing’.

“It’s all about makin’ stuff faster and cheaper, but no’ necessarily better. It’s about convincin’ the customers that faster an’ cheaper is better, ye ken. But never dropping’ the price tae how much it costs tae make.”

The assembled cogniscents stared.

A lizard tentatively raised her hand. “Sir?”

“Aye?” said Shayde. The ‘sir’ still irked her, but everyone superior got 'sir’ regardless of gender, so she did her utmost to shut up about it.

“You’ve just described standard business practices on all of the extant Greater Deregulations.”

“Aw Gawd, it’s still alive…” muttered Shayde. “Have they figured out why they cannae convince all o’ ye tae buy their shit?”

“No, but they are trying to bribe the officials they believe are responsible.”

“And complaining about it at every Ambassadorial Meet.”

Shayde groaned. “I’m no’ goin’ tae be looking’ forward tae tha’…”

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