Challenge #00625 - A260: Original Meaning

Saying something in all earnestness, not realising that it’s been twisted far from what the words actually _mean_ by scum and then used as a warning sign by people more socially aware than you, and that you just marked yourself as one of those scum. All because you were using the words as they were meant to be used.

[TW: rape]

Sometimes, there’s a big problem with being a card-carrying member of SPOEn - The Society for the Preservation of Original English. One of those problems was that you could only really talk to other members of SPOEn, all of whom had different ideas about what Original English was.

“I'faith, I have a trial most vex’d,” said Old William. “In where to take my debate next.”

“That’s a nice sentiment,” said Paul. Practiced listeners could tell which ‘nice’ he meant. This time, it was the one that indicated a lack of intelligence.

“Ugh, stop raping the conversation, Will… You’re totes gainax.” The young girl known only as Pong didn’t even look up from her replica vintage gaming device.

“Shut thy meat-hole for making noise, thy conversation lacketh poise!”

And then there were moments like this, when all you wanted to do was leave the room. Preferably, running and screaming.

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