Challenge #00427 - A052: A Strange Meeting in a Bubble Dimension

Sara, T'reka and bug-based cuisine

[AN: Sara Louise Adrien and T'reka exist in different universes, so of course Shayde has to get involved. If you meant Sahra Johnston then you’ll have to submit a new prompt :) ]

“Uuuuunnnggghhh….” Rael moaned. He felt like he was forced into his usual, humanoid shape too early. “Wh’t?” He looked to his right and was shocked to discover a historical figure at his elbow. Living, breathing fame. Replete with her jungle-exploration outfit.

Another’s hand clamped over his mouth. “Don’t blurt. I sense time’s out o’ place.”


Rael looked foggily at her. “Wh'z goin’ on?”

“Dimensional bridge bubble. Hush. We got a superhero cooking’ fer us.”

He tried to sit up. Tried to focus.


Sara perked up when the middle judge finally sat up and started paying attention. “Good day to you. I have it from your -ah- ‘good friend’ that you’re not the best when woken up early.”

“…mmnnnngggghhhrrrllll…” managed the short blueish gentleman.

“These are green crickets,” she announced. “Lightly toasted. Full of protein. A good heart-starter and metabolic booster if you’re looking to lose weight.”

“…dun’ need m'tab'lism boosted…”

“I heard. There’s also a lot of low GI energy in the form of the pasta.” She helpfully dinged the bubbling pot. “As for the crickets, I took the liberty of removing all the unpleasantly crunchy bits. I deep-fried those in some small fritters if you wish to try. Miss T'reka -did I get that right, dear?”

The bird nodded.

“Miss T'reka has found them to be delightful. Nothing wasted.” Flip, flip, flip went the pan. “Now for the beondogi. Also known as bundegg. They’re deep-fried silkworm larvae, so they don’t need as much cooking as the rest. A generous soaking of lemon juice for flavour…”

“Tha'ss a whole lemon y’ jus’ squeezed,” mumbled the blueish man. Rael.

“Yes, dear.” Dear, pronounced, I know you’re feeling lacklustre and I’m proud that you’re trying to keep up. “And a luscious dribbling of honey…” Flip flip flip. “Voila. Insect cuisine.”

Sara dished up and smiled at Miss T'reka’s happy warbling. And at Miss Pitt’s[1] squick-face. “It’s all edible, dear,” pronounced, You can be brave just this once.

Rael seemed to come alive at the smell and the very generous portion placed in front of him. “Oooh. S'quiib…”

“Sorry. Dwarf squash.”

Miss T'reka fluffed her feathers. “I had never thought mild acid would be delicious,” she sang. “Have you tried dragonflies?”

“They’re very bitter to us. Supremely sour. I did try an ice-cream, but then I got banned from the kitchens for a week. Some people have no appreciation for culinary experimentation.” Sara watched Miss Pitt hold her nose as she tried a forkful of pasta and sauce. “Case in point.”

“Madam,” said Rael. “You could give a Gyiik a run for their money.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” decided Shayde.

[1] Shayde’s adopted name is Shayde F. Pitt, after what people kept yelling at her.

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