Almost Unfucked

The double volume of the new, bigger skip has eaten the rubbish from the carport, the rubbish from the patio, and the dead trampoline that managed to break our reciprocating saw.

There's still a few specks of scrattle from the carport. Specks that are a meter by two meters of plate metal and weigh more than I can lift...

They're specks compared to the sheer, enormous volume of the other shit, okay?

In other news: I have a new game to occupy my time and frustration. Fortnite. We're on the early access train, so it's currently buggier than a backyard barbie. But it involves resource gathering, fortification building, and fighting off hordes of zombies. Therefore it's right up my alley.

The gun mechanic is cool with the recoil and having to re-aim and is both annoying [because I'm not witch gamer] and so lovingly realistic that I have to give props.

On the other hand, you can conjure walls, floors, ceilings and doors by editing shit like it ain't no thing. The computers and props are delightfully cartoony and you can literally smash your way through the local 7-11.

The downside? It's network play and the only server appears to be a 1970-something Apple Mac II in Eastern Kraplaqistan. At least that's my best guess based entirely on the number of times the game crashed due to connection issues.

I wish there was a Solo/Offline mode where you could just freebuild [and free smash lol] and make yourself a gigantic, cobbled-together medieval fort that just autopwns everything in a 50-mile radius and you can stand watch in your tower and just firkin laugh.

But that's probably not the goal of the game.