Why Bipartisan Politics Fails

Put succinctly: they spend too much time fighting and not enough getting shit done.

I don’t follow American Politics very closely. I can’t tell the difference at a glance between Republican and Democrat. All I know is one lot (generally) cheats on their spouses and the other lot (generally) embezzles from public funds.

Back in the days before corporations could buy politicians, the folks you elected were supposed to represent their electorate based on what the majority desired. The ones with integrity stood for their electorate no matter what the party they belonged to said about the whole issue.

Party A pretty much backs industrialisation. They’re great for business. I’m not positive, but I think they’re the Republicans. I’ll just stick with Party A.

Party B sticks up for the little guy. They back health care, education and looking after the interests of real people.

Party A screws over the little guy in favour of business growth.

Party B screws over big business so the people can theoretically flourish.

In an ideal system, both parties are supposed to reach compromises so that both parties are at least satisfied and an equilibrium between both situations is established.

The problem is that Party A has achieved an almost religious hatred of Party B. So, as a direct result, they block absolutely everything Party B offers just because it was put forward by Party B. Even if it makes perfect sense to do so.

And there’s an interesting cultural fillip in which Party B and all its proponents are lead to believe that what the real majority wants is the stuff Party A wants, and screw off, you lousy hippie.

Party A are a vocal minority. If you actually talk to real people signed up to vote for Party A, you’ll discover that a lot of them are closet hippies, too. At least according to the heavy-industry Party A.

Party B just hasn’t been willing to shout as loud or be as ignorant and loutish as Party A. It’s like trying to tell an opinionated bigot that (insert minority here) are really nice folks by whispering about it as they rev their ghetto-destroying behemoth-mobile.

Therefore, even when Party B is in power, it has no power. They’re constantly trying to appeal to Party A, which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Environmental Rapists Inc.

Then, to add insult to injury, Party A screams blue murder about how Party B isn’t fulfilling any of their electoral promises and threatens impeachment or whatever.

Party A repeatedly misses the point that if they completely win, they will lose.

No health care sick workers.

Deregulated everything more pollution, less pay for the workers.

Why should they care about the workers? Well… they’re the ones with the money to buy all the products they make.

People can’t buy it if they can’t afford it, Party A. And they won’t buy it if they’re sick or dying.

You’d think it would be in Party A’s best interests to make sure folks live longer to buy more. Or have jobs so they can afford more.

But no.

That’s bad for business.