I forgot to do the Patreon stuff and I have a medical appointment today, but I am ahead on the word count so... yay. Ish.

Mayhem stayed at home, so on top of getting a tooth hole plugged, we got a rattle on with some of the Kitty Kondo(tm) despite the weather.

...and because of the weather, there is mud everywhere. Sigh. It'll sweep up though.

I also managed to break a board by dropping it, so part of my adventures today will involve getting a replacement board. As well as catching up with the Patreon stuff and posting my Wordpress Wednesday. It takes two people to do anything with the posts, boards, and whatnot at the moment, and I only have me. Sigh.

I have a doctor's visit today, and I shall use the opportunity to obtain a scrip for Atrovent puffers. And the plank to replace the one I broke.

Story whenever I can manage.