Ugh... Not Again

I've been having sleep issues. My internal alarm clock is once again set on 'Fuck You'. We have some melatonin, so maybe one of those will help me through the night and reset my defaults.

And despite my best efforts, I'm gaining weight. I'm up to the 76 mark, and I don't know why. It's not because I'm eating too much. It might be because I'm eating too little. Or it could be that the pouring cream I picked up cheap is more like milk in another hat and I'm getting hidden carbs in my diet.

Either way you slice it, the human body is the ultimate smarty-pants and I really shouldn't try to outfox it so hard.

My problem is that I got my bod used to surviving on very little and ignoring hunger. Because the SAD [Standard American Diet] will do that to you. Making friends with my body again is a long and tricky process.

Starting with making certain my caloric intake is somewhere near human normal.

In other health news, my Beloved has become allergic to random parts of their clothing. They say it could be anything, but I'm looking askance at my new-ish eco washing powder. It's the only thing that's changed in recent history and matches the rash markings.

Antihistamines and a fine coat of paraffin wax seem to help, but I really need to test my hypothesis by switching back to the previous brand of clothing soap. Which I can't currently afford because Mayhem has official driving lessons and that takes $55 out of my budget.

So it's a teensy bit of a squeeze for me at the moment. Could use some extra cashes.

Today I will be doing my Patreon stuff and attempting to do the whole Wordpress thing at last.

And because I woke up at 1 in the morning, today, dinner will be L-A-Z-Y...

Beloved is coming down with another bug, I think. I really hope I don't catch it. I need to get healthy so I can have my flu shots. Because living risk factor.