Time for Science!

Today, when I'm done with my writing, I am taking one of the pretty bottles I got for my artisinal rosemary product gift basket[now featuring mint], and I am going to use it... FOR SCIENCE!

These are wibbly wobbly pretty bottles, and I'm doing nine of everything, but for these ones... I am measuring their collective liquid volume.

Yep. I'm filling a bottle nine times and emptying it into a measuring cup so I know how much high-quality vinegar to purchase.

And if it all fits in one, sealable glass container that I already own [plus room for rosemary] that will be a significant bonus.

It takes three weeks to steep rosemary vinegar, and I am going to cut down on the bacterial risks by blanching the leaves before they go in the vinegar. Same for the eventual sprigs that will be going in the bottles for presentation, later.

Two days, inclusive, until the Great Burpengary East Garden Massacre. When the rosemary bush and an unnumbered amount of mint sprouts will get the living shit pruned out of them.

I also need to run some of my glass jars through the dishwasher because that pretty smoked glass turned out to be filth. Can't have filth with entirely organic and natural herbs. That's every kind of wrong.


Beloved managed to spend in excess of $2K in two days, and then gave me a lecture about not spending money so we could save for Cashmas. I love you, darling, but... hypocrisy, much?