This time fer sure

(Said in the voice of Bullwinkle J. Moose) So lately, I've been Distracted. Thanks to my personal blog, my routine is thrown off and I'm forgetting things.

I can not wait for Keto to kick in with that higher brain function.

Either that, or my addled brain and disorganised thinking is permanent. Bugger. So that means routine, routine, routine for me.

We'll see.

Making a new routine for myself always has a few bumps. And writing my daily blog and forgetting to post it seems to be one of them.

Another bump in my rails is the fact that Beloved is suffering from a lack of iron, lately (and won't cook those steaks I've had waiting for days) so is in no fit condition to go walking.

Making a new way of doing things is trouble, I have to remember thing until I work out which way is the smoothest.

As I may have mentioned, my sit-bones have less padding, so leaning back on a chair, as is my wont, is not the most comfortable experience in the world. Neither is leaning forward to balance my weight on my thighs. There has to be some happy medium that doesn't wind up with me curling up on the couch with my laptop in the middle of the day. That thing gets hot.

I keep thinking about those Ergo-chairs that make you kneel as you sit without cutting off the circulation. BUT... if I want a back with it (so I can learn to sit on it properly) I need upwards of $2K and that doesn't include delivery charges because the only place that sells them is in firkin Sydney!

So while I'm broke, a pillow lends some small mercy to my rear. Which I need because we're back onto WoW to play the demon hunters. I've told my Beloved that we're questing only.

Bad News department: I just discovered that I missed a story from my archive and now I have to go though a >34K-line work to increment every subsequent number. Blarg.

My story will be later than normal because if I forget, it will never get fixed :P