The hurried-er I go...

...the behind-er I get.

That used to be one of Dad's phrases. I've taken it to mean that one is falling behind despite one's efforts to get ahead.

There's no scrimpings this week. Chaos needed shorts and underwears, Mayhem has a birthday this Friday, and that took care of everything I had on freaking Tuesday.

For the record, Chaos' Keto Clogs cleared, and she's no longer having trouble.

Meanwhile, I'm desperate enough to raise cash that I'm pondering what making music in Garage Band will earn me. I'm naming my "band" Ellipsis Addiction. Now all I need is a cool album name.

Oh, and time to compose something in Garage Band. Fifteen to twenty somethings.

I'm pretty okay at doing techno stuff, even though I don't like the genre. I can try for more of that with a few experiments thrown in.

And remember not to overdo it.

You can help me have nice things or not stress about money by signing up as a Patron. For as little as a dollar a month, you can have access to things I have yet to publish, as well as the added bonus of pointing out any and all mistakes I make as part of the process.

I've almost reached the end of posting chapters of Beauties and the Beastly, so now would be an ideal time to sign up and dive in. Also, providing suggestions as to what to do for my dollar Patrons would be cool, too.

Since I'm noodling around with music RSN, I might just post some pieces I've patched together. I think I can manage one a week.

We'll see.