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Clever Dog, Not Smart Dog.

The hound, by daylight known as Max, loves rounding up our neighbour’s cows. I’m pretty certain that the neighbours feel less than charitable about that.

Another neighbour dislikes Max barking at the cows, the birds, etc. while he’s on his leash and has complained. Twice. I’m sure he has a few names for the dog that aren’t printable.

So in order to keep both neighbours happy, we have been attempting to fix the fence to so the dog can’t get through. Our first test resulted in us having to go fetch him away from the cows.

I insisted on having him on a leash for subsequent tests. Dog found all the places he could slip through. Easily inside of ten minutes.

When it comes to finding possible holes in fences, that dog is a frikkin genius.

When it comes to obeying orders… not so much.

It is not smart for a dog to be seen annoying cattle. That sort of dog can get shot.

On the bright side, we should have the fence permanently fixed, soon. And, I hope, fixed enough that he won’t be a pest to anyone.

I hope.

I pray.

He’s a loveable dog, but damn, he’s clever in all the wrong ways.