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Diets and food bribery do not mix

I haven’t mentioned anything about how my diet’s been going, lately. And most of that is because it’s been going badly.

One reason for this is: Hubby’s a bit of a feeder.

He loves to give me good, tasty food when I’m down in the dumps - and that’s been a lot, lately. He treats me with delicious things often full of cream, sugar or cheese. all the delightfully sweet or tasty things that I can’t resist.

And I’ve been packing it on.

I got back up above 90.5 just a few days ago, and I’m repeatedly hovering around 89 point somethingorother.

And yesterday, we discovered that┬áMessieurs┬áBen and Jerry had extended their range to sunburned Burpengary. One tub of sinfully delicious caramel-infused creamy confection later, and it’s a miracle that I’m still marginally under ninety kilos.

Hubby also likes to treat me to the mushroom burger at HJ’s [that’s Hungry Jacks, the Aussie answer to Burger King] which, though it contains lovely mushrooms and swiss cheese, also contains two meat patties - a vehicle for extra cheese. I always gain weight after eating these things. I’ve nicknamed them the Fatty Burger.

But they’re SOOOOOO delicious.

Hubby buys bikkies and lollies with alarming regularity. And shares.

It is an act of supreme will to turn down treats when someone busily nomming them is also waving the bag at you.

I might discuss putting his treat-food budget in a jar, every time he wants to buy me fattening food. It might mount up to a new mac.