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SKIP Revamped: The Case of the Polite Vampire (part two)

He took off his stark white gloves and dipped the mug into the bucket. Guzzled cupful after cupful like a starving man tearing into a banquet.

Mesi watched, amazed. So very little of the blood was allowed to spill. Not one drop reached his crisp, grey waistcoat or fancy, wide tie. And none of it marred his tailored white shirt.

It wasn’t her imagination. Those manicured fingers were growing sharper as he fiercely gripped the bucket.

“So… were

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SKIP Revamped: The Case of the Polite Vampire

This prompt entitles the receiver to one free day, to be used any time out of sequence of the normal prompt list when the receiver deems it necessary or just already has a really awesome ministory idea that has nothing to do with they day’s prompt but has to be written right now.

[Thank you for this prompt. It doesn’t count on the Official Tally, but, damn, I want to write the heck out of this…]


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If I start writing SKIP Revamped...

Would it count as fan fiction if it’s entirely in the world as modmad describes…

Or would it be profic that I could plausibly sell (and share any profits with)

Because, if it’s fanfic, I can get into it right now [and use up a free prompt] but if it’s profic it then languishes on the queue…

…and those plot bunnies look SO fluffy…

Which is it? Fanfic or Pro?

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