Here Have My Heart

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robotramshackle: steampoweredhotness: spica-tea: I'M FINALLY DONE. You can read more about it on the DA Page. I made this 11.7"x17" at...





You can read more about it on the DA Page.

I made this 11.7”x17” at 300 dpi so this could actually be posters. I might do a giveaway someday. 

i would so buy this as a poster

Rabbit has a sad look somehow :/ 

Of course Rabbit’s sad. Look closer. She’s wearing the uniform of a paratrooper.

They drop her out of airplanes at the enemy.

Very possibly not factoring in the extra weight of her mechanical body and giving her a standard parachute.

So every mission comes along with the risk of breaking her.

They drop her out of an airplane with a standard parachute and expect her to fire on people as she goes down, because there’s a high probability of her breaking to bits when she finally lands.

And she knew this.

That’s why they couldn’t get her to look happy for the recruitment poster.

She’s essentially free-falling ordinance. With a high probability of shrapnel.

You can NOT be happy about being that.