I did another thing on world-building, philosophy, and the writer state of mind over on my Wordpress. I was honestly trying not to be salty about my choices versus my criticism, but... Yeah.

I'm going to be on someone's shit list for a handful of months for sure.

I'm still waiting for Bitcoin to hit a favourable amount so I can actually has my cash. One sixth of the amount I should have. But I'm patient enough to wait and get there.

And speaking of patience, I'm also waiting on news from Apple vis-a-vis new laptop models. Which means that I don't really have a rush on getting my money.

So far, so good.

Streemian is still down and out for the count and I don't even know if there's a new way to schedule posts or what. I'm trying to find out, but no-one's talking to me.

Normal services will resume as soon as I can figure out what those are.

I can put the Blasts from my Past up manually? But I don't want to. It feels like more of a struggle, since I have to wait ten minutes or something between posts. With the scheduling, I could get it all done in five minutes or less and move on with what passes for my life.

As I said, I can, but it's a pain in my butt.

Who else even cares that they're there? Besides MeMum?