Procrasti... nation

I admit. I'm a dawdler. I found a nice source... several nice sources... of sealing wax... online and ready to ship to my location. I'm debating whether or not it's a good idea because they're upwards of $6 per stick. More if they include sealing paraphernalia.

Artisinal stuff is a niche business. Sealing wax is for historian nerds, steampunks, and bridal supplies... because old timey aesthetic equals romance.

It's cheaper and easier to use domestic candles. I at least have those. And, if I go to the right shops, I can get them in seasonal colours, too. If I really want to go all out, I could plausibly expend 15-20 dollars on one of those artsy Make Your Own Candle kits for some Real Beeswax to use.

But let's face it. By the time it gets to the recipient? They probably won't care. The wax is just a very small part of the complete package. I shouldn't fuss.

Then there's the whole "care and attention to detail" business. When you make a gift for people, you're supposed to fuss over the details.


I'll probably resolve this by discussion with Beloved.

And as for my morning walk? I still have yet to be attacked by the local flying saurians.