Le sigh

I must have been spoiled by my first experience with serviceseeking.com because I am greatly disappointed by the lack of matches to my query.

The first time I used it, I had offers flooding my inbox [and a few calls] before two hours had gone by. Now? Silence there, as Poe wrote, and nothing more.


Beloved told me to give it a few days, but I am very tempted to just look up a fridge seal repair person and get them to fix our firkin fridge already.

We do have a small refrigerator for the important stuff, but it's hard going. Food for a family of four does NOT fit into the small bar fridge previously reserved for the stash of things we didn't want the kids getting into. [My stash of chocolate and sanity-preserving sweet treats, and our stash of "genuine" Yankee Root Beer. Just in case you're interested]

We're managing. Sort of. Coping, definitely.

I just wish we had enough money that coping wasn't our Plan A.

Wishing doesn't get anyone anywhere. Gotta keep going. It's all I've got.