I Have Issues

We saw Valarian and the City of a Thousand Planets, last night. And there's a lot of tropes that could have been done away with way back in the 60's and 70's when the original material was coming out.

More on this in my Medium or my Wordpress account. I haven't decided yet. Links are over in the menu on the right.

Medium wants me to pay for some of their content, and I say good luck with that. I'm trying to scratch together a minimum of $2K for a new compy before this one bites the big one.

Not an easy feat to accomplish on scratchings from my published works all over the internet.

If you have some spare change, you can become a Patron for as little as a dollar a month and get sneak peeks at unpublished works of mine. Depending on the size of your regular donation, you can even access stuff that I really shouldn't be writing yet.

...cough cough plug plug give me some money...

Steemit reckons my blog is valued at around $4KUS, but I have no idea how to cash that in. Or even if I should. I need to talk with Beloved about the whole dying-compy-new-compy deal. Because gathering said funds into one place involves at least a week of preparation.

  • Transferring to my Paypal
  • Transferring to my holder account
  • Transferring to a bank I can actually remember the PIN for
  • And then finally having the money to pay for the thing. [Each of these steps takes 3-5 business days :P ]

Also remember that the prices "start from" $2K to $4K [depending on the model] and can increase depending entirely on what bells and whistles I want. So even if I want a $2K model, I could spend up to $4K on it for things like memory capacity and processing speed.

Which I kind'a need to stay ahead of all the programs I like to play with.

So... yeah. Spare change?