Getting there

Economic Disaster Protocol has been initiated. Not that I wasn't working on most of it to begin with, but...

  • There's going to be a lot of stews
  • Or a lot of bulk meal products that can make multiple servings
  • Loads of whatever's cheap
  • Rationing treats

I may have to discuss getting the cheap cream instead of the Good Stuff(tm) with my Beloved. Same with the eggs. But I know we're not there yet.

And since Steemit is paying for my compy fund in some weeks hence, I can get our groceries out of my cash savings for quite some time.

Bonus for us. Maybe?

If I take funds from our earnings every OTHER week, it might help. But it's not a permanent solution.

I only have so much cash on hand, after all.

That's going to go. And fast.

So this weekend, I have to shill like I have never shilled before. All across all of my social accounts. But that will likely start during the long weekend.

Today... I need to get my arse in gear 'cause it's already almost seven.