Done! Hugs Plz

I have just accomplished all the things that have terrified me for a firkin month.

  • Appointment for jabs scheduled
  • Appointment for car service scheduled
  • New mower person contacted

So I am most definitely taking a majority of a day so I can recover from all the anxiety this is causing. Not to mention that this potential agent is literally my last chance according to the people I sent US$400 for the list.

Here's to last chances.

I went overboard on this one. Hyping myself up. Giving it the full sales pitch. Maybe it'll work this time.

In other news, the new toy arrived. It's a grille press and makes preparing protein a FUCKLOAD easier. And it can do a whole bunch of stuff at the same time, so that's going to make dinner/lunch prep a firkin BREEZE.

And the absolute best part, IMHO... the hotplate parts are DETACHABLE so you can take those shits off if they're encrusted and go at them without having to juggle the entire firkin machine. [And this is a large machine, BTW. You can cook four porterhouse steaks in that thing at once. Probably more if you're willing to juggle placement.

Removing a whole bunch of steps from cooking is going to be a boon to my permanently exhausted arse.

And now I shall give you a story and then spend the rest of the day doing whatever the fuck I want.