Dear Followers...


I’m heading steadily towards the two-thirds mark of my current novel-in-progress: Kung Fu Zombies. That’s around 80K for those of you who are keeping track.

And it’s around this time that I generally start the gas stage of my next book.

Unfortunately for me, that entry is listed thus:

7.  More Amalgam (Adapting? Rael?)

So I’m holding a semi-informal poll. What would you like to see as the next Amalgam book? For your options we have:

  1. Shayde’s formal introduction to the Amalgam Universe
  2. Rael’s coming-of-age story where he becomes a resident of Amalgam Station
  3. Something else dredged from my semi-impressive stable of satellite Amalgam Universe stories [Please indicate which one]

I can never make up my mind in a timely manner, so I’m hoping to know what I’m doing by pleasing (some of) my audience.

Therefore it’s up to you. What would you like to see happening as my next book?

Reblogging because… out of 196 followers, I got ONE VOTE EACH for Shayde and Rael.

You are my audience. If all I can inspire from you is apathy, then I literally have no idea what’s going wrong with my writing. Speak up. Make your voice heard. I PROMISE that this is a safe place for your opinion.

Hate Shayde? I can deal with that.

Abhor Rael? I can deal with that.

Want to see an entire fucking novel starring Hwell Barrow or HitcherWolf? TELL ME!

I can’t know what you want until you tell me.