Continuing hunting

The place where I had once found the big bargain grab bags of assorted beads is called Bargain Place. Thanks to Google, there's only two of them that I know of.

One's in Garden City. The other one's in Strathpine.

I have one more chance, as I know of it, to get these grab bags. If they still exist. And considering the epic amounts of running around I did yesterday... I don't really know if it's worth going there [1 hour round trip, not including finding the darn place etc] to possibly disappointed once more.

I feel like I gotta try, regardless.

These were comparatively massive bags containing both glass and polymer beads, in all sizes, for an amazingly cheap price. I do not mind sorting them myself, it's that great.

And each bag contained just one colour.

They all had such amazing potential, I can't turn that sort of deal down. Even on my favourite site, Ali Express, beads are expensive.

If there was a place to go, and be guaranteed good deals and finding what I want? I would be there in a picosecond.

However... motivating myself to go and see is a little tough. My feet still hurt and travelling for an hour is not exactly my most favourite thing.

And worse - closer and more amenable dollar shops have started catering to the "five minute project" crowd. Not that I have anything about five minute projects. Loads of people don't have a lot of time for making things for themselves. BUT... Five minute kits never contain enough stuff and the cost mounts up for the amounts I want.

And it's getting to be the same for the craft shops, too. Tiny packets of one piece of jewellery's worth of beads for way too much money.

It's pissing me off.

I just can't get culch any more.